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Feb 15 14

We Split Boards

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New life breathed into all of these snowboards! #wesplitboards #splitboard #bighipsnowboards #splitfactory #lbsnow


Jan 22 12

LB’s Splitboard Insert System

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This is the photo of the base after all the hardware is installs. LB Snow minimizes the amount of holes in the base with The LB Split Board Insert System.

This is the photo of the base after all the hardware is installs. LB Snow minimizes the amount of holes in the base with The LB Split Board Insert System.

Missoula, Montana Splitboard cutting – available now through LB-Snow, your backcountry ski solution! To find out more contact us today

Jan 22 12

LB’s Split Board Insert System

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Another Split board rolling off the presses at the LB Snow shop. Close up picture of LB's Split Board Insert System

Jan 22 12

LB Snow is here to help.

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Whitney brought her new Lib Tech C2 Power Banana BTX Split Board and Karakoram bindings in to make her new backcountry stick is ready to shred. Bring your split set-up in the make sure it rides lickety-SPLIT!Whitney brought her new Lib Tech C2 Power Banana BTX Split Board and Karakoram bindings in to make her new backcountry stick is ready to shred. Bring your split set-up in the make sure it rides lickety-SPLIT! Contact us today to learn more about LB Snow’s Montana Splitboard operation!

Jan 20 12


~ by  David Bosler
Luke Morris of LB Snow splitting this Never Summer SL with professional precision, caution and care.
No Gap in Base. Super Clean.

Voile DIY Split Board kit. Installed on Unity, Pride.

Voile DIY Split Board kit shown here with the slider plates that attach to almost all manufactured snowboard bindings.

Go to the top right sidebar of this website under the tab “Pages” and click on WE SPLIT BOARDS page for pricing. We will get this on the top menu bar ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience- LB Snow

Jan 20 12

LB Snow & Backcountry Racks & Skis

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One more convenient way to get your errands done quicker, making more room for more turns.

LB Snow is teaming up with Backcountry Racks and Skis to bring you the best ski repair and snowboard repair services in Missoula Montana! As of…now…you can drop your skis or snowboard off at Backcountry Racks and Skis on Mondays and Thursdays. If you drop your gear off on Monday, we will have your skis tuned or snowboard repaired by on Thursday. If you drop off your gear on Thursday, it will be ready on Monday. Just one more reason to make LB Snow your Missoula ski repair and snowboard repair shop of choice!

Sep 11 11

August on the Sun

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An appetite for summer skiing or snowboarding usually finds one on the sunny, groomed slopes of Mount Hood or the glacial peaks of Chile.  Yet for all its publicity, the Montana’s own Glacier National Park has never been known for its ski and snowboard opportunities.  Sure, you have to hike your way to the top of your line, and sure, there could be thirty smartphone-wielding tourists hoping to post your vicious yard-sale on YouTube.  But if you are looking to shred some summer corn with epic views in every direction, Glacier is tough to beat. The most easily-accessed terrain typically becomes available in mid-June with the opening of the Going To The Sun Road.  Our crew of six took advantage of the record snow pack provided by the winter of 2011 and headed up in August.

Left to Right: Vincent Remmel, Eric Kanter, Mindy Cochran, Brett Bates, and Darin Hackenberg

Despite a prediction for freezing rain, the turbulent weather patterns of the Rocky Mountain Front surprised us with blue skies and temperatures in the mid 60s.  The park really shines on days like these.  360 degrees of glowing white glacial snow cutting across blue horizons and melting into lush alpine forests shadowed by towering peaks.

True to the hype, GNP provides a plethora of eye candy.

After a brief parking fiasco, we picked out a nice open roller and built a mellow kicker far away from the bustle of tourists on the Hidden Lake Boardwalk.  Perfect for a relaxing August afternoon.

Vinnie wallrides Garden Wall and all the fresh air in between.

E-Rock going to the sun.

Glacier is famous for its plummeting waterfalls, death-defying mountain goats, and crystal clear mountain lakes.  But to a skiers and snowboarders, Glacier National Park is an infinite playground of limitless lines shaped by thousands of years of geographic processes.  Without lifts or runs, each experience in Glacier  Park is unique and bound only by one’s creativity, drive, and goals.  Whether you are seeking a relaxing day on a mellow slope or an intense mountaineering expedition into a never-ridden area, Glacier Park has it.

Feb 25 11

LBsnow Shop Round 2011

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Luke Morris, founder of LBsnow getting after some serious ski base welding.


Luke Morris & David Bosler attempt a quality photo to represent themselves and their ski and snowboard repair business….we’re working on it. 


Working Hard


LBsnow would use nothing less then the best, Purl Wax. Purl Wax out of Colorado has been providing the ski & snowboard industry with the fastest and most durable ski and snowboard wax out there while remaining free of TOXIC PFC’s. 


Where it all began – the LB Ski and Snowboard Tune and Repair Shop


Where it still goes down. The finest most affordable custom ski & snowboard tune and repair services in Montana.

Looking off the back of Snowbowl, MT to the north without exposing the good stuff, though you get a taste of the Mission Mountains popping up in the background.

Feb 25 11

Altoona Ridge Lodge

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The Altoona Ridge Lodge is located in the heart of the Flint Creek Range, in Granite County, Montana.  LBsnow enjoyed a weekend revising our knowledge of the backcountry and snow safety, while enjoying untouched powder in undiscovered terrain in-taking 3 hearty meals a day. 

Awaking to a hot breakfast and a warm cup o’ Jo at Altoona Ridge Lodge.

Instructors James & Eric. James is a Pro Patroller at Snowbowl, MT 4 days a week. Eric is a Volunteer Patroller. Both spend majority of there lives in ski boots. Both teach avalanche classes through Altoona Ridge Lodge and they might just be available on a given weekend to guide you to some of Montana’s finest winter terrain. 

Dane Surkamer of The University of Montana is spending a weekend learning new ideas and testing his previous skills during an avalanche 1 class. Dane is in the process of solidifying a large area of snow allowing him to perform multiple types of snow safety tests.


David Bosler on top of a rutschblock with his UNITY dominion split board.  This block broke after a few solid hops from the knees. I wonder if it’s SAFE?


Looking east from just behind the Lodge.


Views over 120 miles in every direction. You can see all the way up through the Mission Mountains into the Scapegoat Wilderness. I think I can see the Granite Park Chalet in Glacier if I’m not mistaken. 

  • Be Nice. He may be cooking your dinner!
  • The Lodge is designed to accommodate parties of up to 6 people.
  • Choose between self guided or hosted trips.
  • Altoona Ridge Lodge is a two hour drive from Missoula, Montana, and in the middle of the Flint Creek Mountains, in the Deer Lodge Forest.


Relax the head, shoulders, knees, and toes at the end of the day in the wood fired sauna. Altoona Ridge Lodge is one of the most enjoyable and humbling getaways I’ve had.

Feb 22 11

It Will Never be Summer

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never summerDavid Bosler changing his religious views.

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